An Introduction: How I “intend” to use my blog

In this first post I hope to make a plan!

Up until now I have had no idea about how I would ever make use of a blog. Most especially, how I can use a blog to benefit me and possibly others in the teaching of mathematics.
Well here goes…

After teaching mathematics for nearly 17 years I have finally decided to do something about all of the teaching ideas and great investigative ideas that I am very rapidly forgetting about or rarely think to use. Some of these ideas are getting old now and as I have always loved using technology to aid teaching many of the ideas are in need of an update in-order to engage the students of today.

So the plan is to start documenting and sharing in a blog. Sharing newer strategies using relatively newer technologies and software such as Geogebra and Scratch as well as documenting older ideas that I have not had time to develop but others may wish to.


Ps if you have been forced to follow me in this course today  I might add piccies and video clips later. so there